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060000, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Social Contribution

AtyrauEnergoTechService operates with a corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspective with the aim to improve the overall welfare of the country by investing in environment protection and economic development of the regions. For that reason, the company established a Sustainability Department responsible for the systematic and forehanded provision of assistance.

The company invests in the future generation of local population. Every year our company helps families of the Western region prepare children for school, providing financial support for the school supplies and organizing holidays and birthdays. Moreover, the best students from local schools are sent to summer camps around Kazakhstan. In addition, the company takes part in supporting national and local charities.

The company views environmental protection as central to CSR strategies, helping the company to address key business issues. To that end, in 2016 the company participated in the forest zone reconstruction by planting 300 trees in Atyrau region.