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Lottery 11.02.2019

From November 2018, “Atyrauenergotechservice” LLP, in the framework of the corporate program “AETS-2020”, will hold quarterly lotteries with the raffle of valuable prizes. So, on November 4, 2018, the first raffle were held, in the lottery “The Best of the Best”, the winners were Kleshov J.E., Zhamankulov A.T., Irsariev R.N. and others, in the lottery “For loyalty”, the winners were Tursynov B.T., Bisheev Zh.A., Urkeshev T.N. and other. The winners received such prizes as household appliances, certificates for the purchase of household appliances, certificates to bookstores and perfumery shops. In total, 29 employees of “Atyrauenergotechservice” LLP became  winners.

Social project 11.02.2019

In the modern world, it is difficult for a person with disabilities to find a job with a stable income. Thus, “Atyraenergoteсhservice” LLP, within the framework of its social project, gave the opportunity for Uteyev Dulat, disabled of the third group, to become a full-fledged employee in our large and friendly team. Due to the absence of a part of the arm, “Atyrauenergoteсhservice” LLP acquired a special prosthesis, as well as provided the qualified specialist for the installation of this prosthesis. At the moment, Uteyev Dulat, has been trained and for 6 months is the operator of HDD, has a competitive salary and successfully performs his work.

Charity 11.02.2019

Charity is an integral part of the activity of “Atyrauenergotechservice” LLP. After receiving a letter from the state institution “Regional Children's Village of a Family Type and Youth House”, “Atyrauenergotechservice” LLP, without delay provided assistance to children in the form of purchasing clothes and shoes. We are always happy to be useful for children in need.

COMOS 11.02.2019

Increasing international competition makes it more and more crucial to increase company’s productivity levels. 2018 was the beginning of the digitalization of all oprational processes in the activity for “Atyrauenergotechservice” LLP. One striking example was the partnership with Siemens to integrate the “digital twin of the entire operating cycle - COMOS”. The standard COMOS data platform provides equipment engineers, plant personnel, and company management and decision partners with a continuous data stream that meets their specific needs throughout the project.

It provides a globally integrated software solution concept.


HP Early Oil 04.02.2019

 In November 2018, in Zhylyoi district, Atyrau region, “Atyrauenergoteсhservice” LLP together with the management of “Tengizchevroil” LLP, as a part of summarizing the results of the first phase of the HP Early Oil project, thanked the staff for their hard work, solidarity and dedication to the company. The most distinguished 40 employees were awarded honorary prizes and certificates. Rewarding was in such nominations as “IIF CHAMPIONS”, “For honesty” and “For excellence”. The main gift was a team trip to Egypt for 10 people recognized as heroes of the HP Early Oil project; the winners were specialists of various categories - drivers, electricians, office specialists and managers.

““Atyrauenergoteсhservice” LLP is committed to strengthening the corporate culture!

IMS upgrade 15.11.2017

Our Integrated Management System is being upgraded from ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 to the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. 

Open vacancies 10.11.2017

At the moment, we are recruiting new personnel for the following positions available at the FGP/WPMP Project – EPC Fibre Optic Permanent Communications:

  • Project Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator
  • Project Support Specialist
Social contributions 22.10.2017

Charity department of AtyrauEnergoTechService organized arm prosthetics for 20 children aged 3-5 years.