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AETS is a lead company providing maintenance in the field of energetic and mechanic, technical support of logistics, maintenance supplies, storage of materials and equipment, welding, repair and modification services, engineering and design services, construction and project management for clients in Kazakhstan, and service support in other industrial sectors such as:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Mining industry
  • Power industry
  • Infrastructure

AETS company presents substantial possibilities, geographical coverage and production and technical potential for projects realization:

  • Acknowledgement on market
  • Extension share on the market
  • Reducing quality, ecology, industrial and health safety audits from the side of consumers and interested parties
  • Advantages in competition
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • More profound understanding of quality, ecology, industrial safety requirements
  • Improvement of company image on the base of environmental safety requirements.

Management system is certified in accordance of international quality, occupational and environmental safety standards ISO 9001:2000.