25, Kuttygai batyr St.,Atyrau city
060000, Republic of Kazakhstan
+7 (7122) 46 52 62
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Provision of work on the design and construction of 110 kV power line to Atyrau Heat and Power Plant ATEC “Nursaya”

Client: Agip KCO

Period: 2008 - 2011

Area of operations: Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Scope: Design and construction of new double-circuit OHL-110 kV overhead lines from the existing thermal power station in Atyrau to the projected SS-110/10 kV Nursaya (West), with branches at the projected SS-110/10 kV Zhumysker and SS-110/35/10 kV Kokarna. The route length of OHL-110 kV overhead AHPP – SS 110/10 kV Nursaya (West) is 22 km.