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Constantly growing global standards in the field of health and safety often force companies to make difficult decisions about the appropriateness of the next costs in this area, while maintaining healthy financial situation. Within the framework of global trend of the digital age and state program “Digital Kazakhstan” 2018-2020 AtyrauEnergoTechService developed integrated solution in the market that allow the company to reach a new level, while optimizing operating costs, increasing labor productivity, reducing labor costs, time and human resources.

The need of a more effective inspection and maintenance is fulfilled by Augmented Reality System that enhances understandings, highlights certain features of an object, gives imagery instructions and provides timely and accurate data.

  • Smart Safety Helmets provide live video connection between the technician on the field and an off-shore technical expert. 
  • AR-powered smart glasses provide a detailed virtual overlay of a mechanism or its parts.

Application of this system brings several advantages including making the on-spot changes, zero costs associated with onshore transporting, increase in productivity rate by 40%.

 DroneExperts developed a drones’ solution that is fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose. Drones can effortlessly inspect the miles of pipeline, oil rigs, refineries and plant, flare stacks and underwater equipment. Armed with video and sensors, drones can monitor for leaks, detect oil spills, ensure pipeline and rigs are safe and compliant. Main benefits include accuracy and progress analysis, dramatic cost reduction, minimization of the obvious dangers and health risks, and higher production rates.

 COMOS – integrated digital enterprise solution.

COMOS is a software platform that aims to create a digital twin of an enterprise. 3D  visualization of the system helps to simulate all processes and HSE (elimination of accidents, introductory briefing) during virtual trainings. It also helps to check the performance of both of individual technological units and of the entire technological chain before being put into operation. The platform provides full risk analysis at all stages of production, reduction in operation time and transparent data exchange throughout the life cycle.

 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - is a highly effective technology which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify tag attached to objects. RFID helps to solve tasks with access control system, transport accounting, smart warehouse and production accounting. This system is beneficial in terms of greater transparency along the supply chain process, the register of employees’ displacement, decrease of a risk element by the human factor, and automatic equipment at a security checkpoint.

 S.A.F.E.S.T. system is a comprehensive smart tracking of safety and efficiency at the workplace, which is carried out using various devices (watches with built-in GPS tracker, helmets with built-in video cameras, smart face detection systems, and various sensors) that form an integrated database for further optimization of the enterprise’s business processes. S.A.F.E.S.T. integrates information from all devices into a single database for processing and general analysis. Due to the constant monitoring of the location and biometric data of the worker, in an emergency situation, it allows not only to quickly determine the location of the person, but also provides an opportunity to deliver timely first aid. Based on the experience of our company, integrating such complex systems in the era of continuous technological progress, considering its advantages, is a profitable investment. With this system, it is possible not only to save lives, but also to optimize the organization’s financial situation and time resources.